Build A Fire Pit In Two Hours Or Less

What better way to celebrate the crisp weather of fall — especially those delightfully chilly evenings — than with a backyard fire pit? And thanks to a DIY version featured in this month’s Fresh Home magazine, you can be roasting marshmallows and hot dogs in a mere two hours or less.
+ 24 granite retaining wall stones or other nonporous stone (6 1/2″ x 8″ x 14″)
+ Sand

+ Select an area of your yard to house the fire pit and mark the circular location (four to five feet in diameter is plenty of space.)
+ Cut out the sod within the circle and scrape down the first two inches of soil. Spread an even layer of sand over the exposed soil and smooth as needed with a rake.
+ Starting at the outer edge of the circle, lay blocks flat on the sand. Fresh Home advises leaving a half-inch gap between the blocks, which will allow air to vent.
+ Add a second layer of stone on top of the base layer so that it straddles the joints of the first layer. You may need to add some sand under the skewed stone of the first level to help the second layer lay flat.
+ Once the stones are set, use the remaining sand to fill a few inches inside the pit, which will raise the fire and make it easier to attend.
Photo by thotmeglynn

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