Denim Insulation: Mr. Green Jeans has Arrived

Denim insulation has people excited about an alternative to cellulose insulation and in simple terms anyone can understand the construction of denim insulation. Typically the materials for most natural cotton fiber insulation types are sourced from scraps at the manufacturers level and not post-consumer.
Most denim insulation products are treated with a boron-based fire retardant that also impedes the growth of fungus, mold, and resists pests. Denim insulation touts itself as being easy to touch and doesn’t release carcinogens.

Denim insulation is typically installed from rolled batts which are placed between studs. No safety equipment is required to install and you can handle this insulation with no health issues or concerns.
Bonded Logic has become a leader in natural fiber/denim insulation and they also offer cellulose options.

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