Design-It-Yourself With Unfinished Wood Furniture

Have you ever found yourself spending countless hours online, scouring the usual and unusual sites looking for that perfect piece of furniture? You know, the one that is the right style, size, and color — only to find it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere but in your own imagination?
Well, we have a possible solution for you that should pique your DIY interest — unfinished wood furniture.

Unfinished wood furniture can be made out of nearly any wood imaginable, and the style choices are just as endless. Whether you want to paint a bookcase for a child’s room or stain a family dining table into heirloom-worthy status, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Purchasing furniture unfinished can be very economical too — that dining table above, which has three leaves and can sit up to 12 people, would cost a couple thousand in a traditional furniture store. However, the rubberwood table was priced at $700, and is completely open to your interpretation.
Imagine the possibilities — no more forcing pieces of furniture to work with your decor scheme; or fretting over finding matching pieces if that’s more your thing. With a can of paint or stain and a good coat of poly, you can have a one-of-a-kind statement piece with the added bonus of DIY pride.
Of course, if such a project feels a wee bit intimidating, many unfinished furniture stores offer staining or painting services, customized to your vision, for an extra fee. That way, you still can decide the look of your new desk or armoire, but can trust that professionals will guarantee a flawless finish.
Have you ever bought unfinished furniture to paint or stain yourself? Any great tips on tackling such a project? Let us know in the comments below.

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