Designers Rejoice: Pantone Paints Are Here!

Your eyes do not deceive you — in fact, they should be wide and sparkly right about now. Pantone, infamous for their color swatches and identification, has come out with their own line of paints matchable to any Pantone shade.
Now you know you can find the perfect shade for any project by just matching up the names or codes for your specific Pantone color choice and will never have buyers’ remorse again.
According to their website, “PANTONE Paints are imported from Holland, the country that has led the world’s paint industry for more than two centuries. The paints of Holland are the best because they are formulated with expensive resins, which are carefully combined with high concentrations of finely ground pigments, inexpensive fillers are never used.”

However, Pantone is touting their new paints as more economical because the pigments are designed to last longer, therefore reducing the need for repainting due to dullness, flaking, fading or other issues that come with lesser quality paints. They also state that 85% of the cost of painting is actually labor, so buy purchasing your paints from them you’re cutting some of your future labor costs by using a high-quality product that is guaranteed to be the exact color you ask for. The theory appears to be a belief in spending a little more upfront to get a quality product instead of buying cheap and therefore buying often.
The paints are available for purchase through the Pantone website, so if you have access to a Pantone deck or have some time to spend with their various color matching products and widgets, you can now begin to dream about paint in the exact true Pantone shades of your heart’s desire.
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