DeWALT 12V MAX LED Worklight Review

The most underrated tool in the DeWALT 12V MAX cordless lineup is the
DeWALT DCL510 12V MAX LED Worklight.
We’ve been using it for about 3 months now and here’s why we love it.
Hits: lightweight, free-standing, 12V MAX battery, super bright LED
Misses: awkward shape, light unit seems fragile if dropped
Uses: under sinks, as flashlight, camping, automotive
For such a small light it produces an intense light. 130 lumens to be exact. That’s the LED advantage. The beam is more of a spotlight than flood and has tremendous range. You can easily light up a neighbors house a block away and spot anything outdoors.
The battery takes up the most volume on this light but it’s also lightweight and DeWALT has included an easy to use belt clip. You can throw this light into your glove box and you’d almost never notice its there. The light also fits nicely in your hands and with the swivel head can give you a variety of lighting options.

The DeWALT LED runs off the same 12V MAX cordless battery that powers the rest of their 12V MAX tools so no need to fiddle with buying extra batteries.
We’ve only charged this battery once through intermittent use and because it’s rechargeable we are never concerned with spending a lot for new batteries.
We don’t wish to drop this light but it does feel solid. Since the bulk of this light is the battery, we suspect it would take the brunt of any damage. The swivel head is probably the weakest part of the battery and if abused would probably break off but it does seem secure.
As a spotlight this light shines but as a flood it suffers. The beam is tightly focused so if you need to illuminate a larger area you should look elsewhere. The kickstand and magnet does allow you to place the light in a variety of positions and is perfect for using in tight dark spaces such as under a sink or in an attic or crawlspace.
More photos of the DeWALT 12V MAX LED Worklight
This has become our go to around the house light and we plan in adding a few more as soon as we can.

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