Remember These Secrets for Shopping at IKEA

We love and hate shopping at IKEA. Yes, they have well designed products for prices that you can’t beat but sometimes we wish the furniture was more sturdy and the shopping experience was more pleasant.

We wouldn’t say it’s IKEA’s fault that shopping there can be a task but it seems that they are so popular that the wait for product to be brought out as well as navigating the sheer size of the store can take an entire afternoon.

Here are 7 secrets to shopping at IKEA that we hope makes your next trip to the Swedish mecca a successful one.

1. Shop During Off Hours

Weekends at IKEA will always be crazy. Try to shop during the week and if you must go on the weekend, it’s best to be there right when they open which is at 10am at most locations.

2. Use the Website

Unless you enjoy browsing the aisles and taking your time, shop first online and make a list of everything you need and make sure your local store has it then go.

3. Enter Via the Exit

Instead of meandering through all the rooms and through the entire maze of the store, enter from the exit/pickup area and make your way back through the store, especially if you are looking for household items and one off pieces.

4. Use Self Checkout
If you’ve got 15 items or less use the self-checkout line. It’s fast and easy and you’ll be out in no time. It seems a lot of customers are put off by this but don’t be.

5. Pay for Big Items First
It can take an hour or so for large items to be brought out after you’ve paid for them when they are busy. So get your big item paid for then go back and shop for the smaller stuff you can put in your bag or cart and by the time you are done shopping your larger item should be waiting for you.


6. Use the Shopping Lists

IKEA has shopping list pads throughout the store with pencils. Use them.

7. Use the Computer Kiosks
The kiosks will have the entire inventory available at the tip of our fingers and you can pinpoint exactly where an item is in the store. This will save you time and effort in searching for items in the store.

What tips do you have for shopping IKEA?


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