DIY Holiday Home Security

DIY home security the way to go if you are traveling next week for Thanksgiving, take the time this weekend to make sure your house is in order so you aren’t scrambling last minute to secure your home.
Follow these DIY home security tips as a simple and cheap checklist to make sure your home is secure before you travel.
1. Check-in with Neighbors
Neighbors you trust are a valuable commodity. Let them know when you’ll be out of town and how they can reach you if there is a problem with your home while you are out. Also make sure to tell them if someone is stopping by to check mail or feed the fish so they aren’t suspicious of a stranger entering your home.
2. Clean the Yard
Keep your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed which always gives an impression of an occupied home. Remove flyers from the door or gates and make sure street bulbs are all working.
3. Don’t make obvious changes
If you always leave a car parked out front, try to do the same while you are gone. Arrange for a ride or taxi to the airport. A missing vehicle is an open invitation to a thief who has been casing your home.

4. Get timers ready
Set up lights on timers throughout the house to turn on and off at various times. Do this now so when the time comes to leave you can just flip the light on and not have to fiddle with the timers.
5. Check the perimeter of your home
Best to close and lock all windows and doors now and make use of only the common entries into your home. That way when you leave and do a final check it’s a double check on locks and windows.
6. Call the paper
Stop delivery on the paper now so if they are late by a day or two at least you will be home to grab the paper. All it takes is one paper on the doorstep to let people know you aren’t home.
Have any other tips you can share???
photo: LancerE

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