Embrace Contrast With Dark Grout

During this morning’s perusal of ApartmentTherapy, I stumbled across a fantastic idea: combining gleaming white subway tile with dark grout to create a vivid yet polished contrast.
I love the way the grout makes the tiles pop — this could be a fascinating decorating technique for a kitchen or bathroom. And as AT blogger Annie Werbler explains, dark grout also has some increased functionality benefits over its pale counterparts.

“To me, your standard beige or white grout lines look like old food stuck between pearly white teeth; they just don’t have any aesthetic value,” she writes. “The worst is when grout is chosen to match tile perfectly, because the areas which receive the most wear always show darkened lines that stand out to the eye.”
And if you opt for a dark grout, those darkened areas won’t stand out from the already deep hue. Of course, regardless of the color you choose, you’ll need to carefully apply the grout so that it dries in clean, straight lines and doesn’t mar the surface of your tile.
What’s your take? Are you a fan of contrasting grout and tile, or do you prefer a similarly hued grout?
Image courtesy of Elle Decor via ApartmentTherapy

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