FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera Hooks up to Your Smart Phone


Thermal imaging cameras are expensive, and many of the larger cameras just aren’t suitable for homeowners or small business owners to use. The FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera is affordable and fits in your pocket, which means it could be the ideal thermal imaging camera for a lot of people.



Thermal imaging cameras take a photo or video of the heat signature it captures through its lens. These cameras can offer a lot of bells and whistles that many contractors and those in the energy trade need. But for homeowners, DIYers, and those who just need a snapshot, most of those features go unused.


The FLIR ONE is a simple rechargeable device that makes locating cold or hot spots in your home a cinch. After you’ve setup the camera, which is very straightforward, you simply plug it into your smart phone and open the app. There are plenty of options for image capture including panoramic shots and time-lapse videos. You can also select a variety of display colors and options.


Homeowners will find this useful when doing an energy audit and to identify drafts and cold spots in a home. It can also be used to troubleshoot around furnaces and boilers as well as your entire HVAC system.


The FLIR ONE ships with a convenient carry case that protects the lens and lightning adaptor when not in use and it’s really small enough to store in a kitchen drawer.

We tested the iOS version on our iPhone 6 but it is also available for Android phones. The unit is priced at $250 on Amazon which may seem steep but again it’s comparatively inexpensive compared to the larger cameras. If you looking for thermal imaging camera that won’t break the budget and provide excellent performance, then definitely give the FLIR ONE a look.

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