Fly Your Flag the Right Way this 4th of July


If you choose to display your American spirit by flying the U.S. flag this 4th of July, please make sure you do it properly. Yes, there is more to it than just unfurling the flag and running it up a pole.

As you prepare to bring out the stars and stripes for the 4th of July, here are a few tips to help ensure the honor of the flag and our nation’s independence with a careful, thoughtful display:

BE GENTLE: A flag should never touch the ground or become soiled. Treat it with respect.

BLUE UNION UP: The American flag should be displayed with the blue union up, unless there is an emergency. If displayed on a wall it should be flat and not ruffled and the union stars should be on your left when observing.

ILLUMINATED: If your flag is displayed through the night, make sure it has a light shining on it while it is dark.

QUICK AND CAREFUL: When hoisting the flag, raise it briskly. When lowering it do it ceremoniously with the help of someone so it doesn’t touch the ground or any nearby objects. Fold it neatly and place it away carefully.


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