Dive Into An Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

Is there anything more refreshing than jumping into your own green swimming pool? No, not a pool filled with algae. That would be gross. A green swimming pool is one that has minimal effects on the environment and actually uses recycled and eco -friendly materials.
When planning for this fabulous home improvement project think conservation and natural materials.

Swimming pools need a ton of water to be filled, but with the proper cleaning system you can enjoy that water all season long. Try and offset the initial fill by conserving water in other areas of your home. Use a rain barrel for the flowers and make sure the dishwasher and washing machine are full before using them.
Heck, you can even shower less once you have a pool, but that’s not my personal recommendation.
Maintain your cleaning system well so there will be no need to drain and refill the pool. Think about pre-filtration systems that take the pressure off of your filter and reduce maintenance. Also check out the non-salt and non-chemically based filtration systems from ECOsmarte, an investment in the planet and your pool.
Energy Conservation
Heating your pool can cost big dollars and use tons of energy if not done the right way. Use a solar blanket for eco-friendly heat that also helps keep falling debris out of the water.
Back to Nature
Pools are a wonderful way to create a natural oasis in your yard. Make a point of using eco-friendly materials in and around your pool to be truly green.
Clay tiles installed on the patio and as the inground pool surround are good. Or consider recycled glass tiles for a shiny, one-of-a-kind liner.
Natural stone patios are perfect, as are composite lumber decks that also work for above-ground pools. Using a combination of wood and recycled plastic composite is ultra durable and won’t need replacing.
Opt for green patio furniture choices such as sustainably harvested wood.
With some planning for water usage and better choices in construction, your swimming pool can be green. But that’s not the same as algae green, remember?
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