A Gas Fireplace with Campfire Flames Has Arrived

Ortal, an industry leader in luxury fireplaces, has just announced an expansion of their Wilderness Collection fireplaces–with flames that look like they came from a campfire.

New Ortal Wilderness Collection fireplaces

To achieve this ultra-realistic flame, Ortal employs patent-pending Firelog technology. Gas flows through the Wilderness log media, resulting in a taller, fuller, and more realistic flame.

Ortal Wilderness fireplace model 51H TS

Compared to the “ribbon” burner method which is commonplace among gas fireplaces, and simply consists of gas flames coming straight out of a galvanized pipe centered in a fireplace. It’s basically how a gas grill works but in your fireplace.

Ortal Wilderness fireplace model Corner 51

Nobody likes that look, so we invest in fake logs and other add-ons to achieve a more natural flame, which is never really achieved.

You can skip all that nonsense and get yourself an Ortal fireplace.

Ortal Wilderness fireplace model 60H LS Corner

Each of the new fireplace configurations delivers a luxurious, warm ambiance with all the convenience of natural gas, and without the mess or smell of a wood fire. Internal lighting and natural-looking log arrangement add to the beauty of these fireplaces.

Visit Ortalheat.com for more information.

Ortal Wilderness fireplace model Corner 60H
Ortal Wilderness fireplace model 60 TS

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