Installation Tips For Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks are a great invention. If you’re short on storage space, racks can free up the shelving or cabinets that are currently home to your pots and pans, which tend to be some of the bulkiest items in the kitchen.
Installing a ceiling-mounted pot rack takes a little extra care, due in large part to the amount of weight that will be supported by the rack. Collectively, pots and pans can be quite heavy, so proper installation will go a long way in ensuring your safety–and keeping a “Repair kitchen ceiling” project off your to-do list.
Installation Tips
Use a stud finder. You’ll want to locate the studs in your ceiling–these will be the attachment points for your pot rack, as they’ll provide stronger support for the heavy weight.

Ceiling screws. Check your pot rack installation materials carefully–it may or may not come with ceiling screws. If not, make a run to your local hardware store. These are much better suited to the task than typical screws.

Ceiling configuration.
Once you’ve located your ceiling’s studs, note how they’re place in comparison to your pot rack. If they run parallel, proceed as planned. If they’re perpendicular, however, you may want to use a ceiling plate. The plate is drilled to the ceiling at the same distance as the joists, and the pot rack is then attached to the ceiling plates to complete the installation.
Do you have a hanging pot rack in your kitchen? Please share any installation tips or tricks you might have!

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