Giveaway: SKIL 360 QuickSelect



We had a chance to check out the SKIL 360 QuickSelect last month and loved it! It truly is a revolutionary product for the homeowner/DIYer. It’s simple to use and provides many options while being extremely convenient.

We’re offering one of these as a Giveaway for Father’s Day.

Just leave a comment below and at midnight on May 19th we will randomly select a winner.

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  • Am doing a ton of finishing work, outlets, covers, etc. sure would be great to have a more flexible tool to hang on my belt!! Btw, this site still brings me back regularly years after discovering it.

  • This is a great tool. The size and shape are so nice for in-home use and quick fixes, and the built-in bit cartridge is the best idea I’ve seen for keeping track of all the bits you might need for a job.