Habitat For Humanity Builds LEED-, Energy Star-Certified Homes

This post comes to you courtesy of the “warm fuzzies” department. Habitat for Humanity, one of the more recognized philanthropic organizations in the world, has long been known for its ongoing contribution to the homebuilding industry and those in need.
And as the country’s collective focus continues to shift to green building and eco-friendly living, Habitat for Humanity is listening.
Last year, the organization began building LEED-certified homes. Habitat for Humanity had been working with Energy Star guidelines for the past few years, and knew that moving to LEED certification was the next natural step.

Building to LEED standards isn’t easy, though, and likely won’t become a uniform Habitat for Humanity practice in the near future. The certification process tacks on a few thousand dollars to the overall cost.
Ideal green features in Habitat for Humanity homes include Energy Star appliances, outdoor rain barrels, dual-flush toilets and adequate insulation.
Have you helped build a Habitat for Humanity home?
Photo: Flickr.com/jessicareeder

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