Home Security Monitoring Systems

There are many home security systems to consider when laying out your plan for home protection. The advancements in these systems grow by leaps and bounds as technology changes and prices drop. Real-time monitoring systems are now all expected to be online and connected. You should be able to login to your system and see how safe your home is by checking your systems such as cameras, lights and alarms. This system should also send you text messages, emails or call if your home is compromised.
Systems that can tie all of your security monitoring systems together are really the best option but its difficult to find that on the market as many manufacturers only build systems that work for one type of security.
If a company would come up with an all-in one monitoring system that covers lights, cameras and alarms and is fully-customizable we really think it would sell like gangbusters.

For now we are stuck with what we have so when choosing your system suggest in order of importance: Lighting, Alarms and Cameras. Lighting is the most important and really the best deterrent. It costs very little and runs itself. Alarms can have false alarms and many times people just ignore them. The alarm should communicate with a main dispatch so if there is truly an issue it doesn’t go unnoticed. Cameras in our opinion are still secondary but can come in very handy if there is an issue and you need to identify someone. In the court of law they can be bulletproof.
Whatever home security monitoring system you choose, make sure you know its full capabilities as well as limitations and plans your system accordingly.

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