HomeHacks and HomeFail FTW

Our friend Marc Lyman has expanded his empire. He’s the founder of the venerable HomeFixated and one of the only home improvement/tool bloggers on the West coast.

Marc decided that one blog and one baby was not enough so he decided to grow his online and offline empire by launching two new blogs, HomeHacks and HomeFail, while at the same time becoming a father once again (congratulations and we know how tough pulling that double can be).



Unlike HomeFixated which focuses more on tools, woodworking and how-to, HomeHacks and HomeFail take a lighter approach with the former offering clever home tips and tricks (i.e. using spaghetti to light a candle) and the latter sharing a bit of WTF when it comes to DIY (i.e. shed disasters).

We suggest you take a moment to check out Marc’s sites and feel free to leave your own tips or fails.

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