House Painters in Seattle

In a climate like Western Washington people are often wondering how to find house painters who can deal with wet wood and surfaces. Seattle is one of the wettest areas in the country you need to make sure your homes exterior is completely protected from the elements as best as possible. Water is the most difficult element to protect from and because many Seattle homes are very old, the wood is often times rotted and the siding is in bad shape.
When painting a home the surfaces should be clean and completely dry which is difficult to do in a wet climate, that’s why it’s important to take your time when selecting a house painter that isn’t going to try and rush a job and also knows the materials he’s working with from the paint to the surface to be painted.

You should consider the time of year before deciding to paint the exterior of your home. The best time to paint is in late spring or early fall and on a dry day that is not too sunny. You don’t want it too cold or too hot. Temperatures below 40 degrees F and direct hot sun can ruin paint jobs. You must inspect your house thoroughly before you paint, and take action to prevent the root causes of paint failure.
There are a few reasons for paint fail but in a wet climate you need to look out for peeling and blistering as these are directly caused by painting over wet wood. Often times moisture within the house is also trying to push its way out. It’s best to use latex primer and latex paint as it allows some moisture to pass through the paint.
Ask your house painter how they plan to deal with these issues and what to do if these problems arise. Are there guarantees? It’s best if they are honest about the current condition of the exterior of your home before taking the job. It may cost you more money in the short-term to get the exterior of your home up to par but at the end of the day you need the job done right not over.

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