How to Check Your Furnace and Home Heating System

A broken heater or bad insulation can lead to the uncomfortable situation of living in a cold house. If you’re fairly certain your windows and doors are completely shut and air-tight you’ll then need to inspect your home heating system. Follow these steps to ensure your heater is in proper working condition.
1. Check the Thermostat
This is an easy but sometimes overlooked task. Is it ON? Is it in the HEAT mode? Is the setting higher enough to trigger the thermostat?
2. Power Source
Is their enough fuel or natural gas to power the heater? Or if it’s electric is there power? Is the circuit breaker or fuse out?
3. Get a Backup
Use a space heater while you are troubleshooting. A fireplace can also work but at least get as comfortable as you can while figuring out the situation.

4. Furnace Door
Is the furnace door secure? There are some systems that will turn off the furnace if the door is left open for safety reasons. Make sure its completely latched.
5. Check the Furnace
Are there any other issues with the furnace besides fuel or an open door? Any other parts missing or not working properly? If you notice something not right, turn it off and cut the fuel and call in a heating system expert.

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