How to Deal with Water Damage After Flooding


Yesterday hurricane Sandy made landfall across the Eastern seaboard. Airports, subways, buses and schools have all shut down and millions are without power. We have many friends who live in the path of Sandy and what has made it worse is a winter snow storm as well as the full moon high tide.

Flooding has caused billions of dollars in damage and there are many unseen dangers when dealing with flooded areas including electrocution, sharp objects and chemical spills.

We wrote a series about flooding and how to deal with water damage and we think it’s appropriate to share this as many people are wading back into their homes and need to make sure they do it safely.

Keep this list handy as a busted pipe or hose can cause flooding at any time.

The first step to assessing water damage is Check for Danger
The second step is to Identify the Source
The third step is to Prevention and Drying.
The fourth step is What Can You Salvage?
Here’s a quick introduction to flood insurance.

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