How to Find Interior Painters

Interior painters are not on most peoples speed dial as the process of painting a room is one of the most basic do-it-yourself jobs a homeowner can tackle and often times the most rewarding. From selecting the paint colors and finish to completing the paint job, you can make a dramatic change to a room without calling a soul.
But there are times when an interior paint job requires help from a third party either as a designer or labor. Finding a professional interior painter can seem daunting but if you know where to look you can mitigate your chances of coming across someone who doesn’t do the job you want.
1. Referrals
As with selecting any contractor it always best to ask around. Friends, family, neighbors, the hardware store, usually make the best recommendations. Even with a family endorsement you should still check a painters referrals and do some basic Google searches as well as check with the Better Business Bureau.
2. Licensed and/or certified
Check with your States licensing board as these are all public knowledge and should be made available online. You can check for any contractors license.

3. Get 3 Bids
Once you’ve narrowed down 3 licensed interior paint contractors, ask them for bids based on the same exact job and consider paint used and time to finish the job.
4. More research
After you’ve decided on your top 3 interior paint contractors make sure you get job referrals from all of them and while you are deciding between bids, make some calls to their customers and check in on their satisfaction with the work done.
Taking these steps can help protect you from fraudulent interior painters but don’t forget your gut feelings and if you feel uneasy about a painter or his crew and can foresee having problems communicating, then don’t risk it and choose another painter. It will save you second guessing yourself down the road.
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    Victoria Addington
    October 30, 2020 at 1:47 am

    Now that the construction of my old home is almost done, I decided to proceed with the interior painting. In order to narrow down my options, I’ll make sure to follow your advice to ask them for bids on the task they’ll be doing, the kind of paint to be used, and the time to finish the job. Hopefully, I can find a team of painters through referrals.

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