How To Get Rid Of Ground Moles

Warmer temperatures mean that critters are on the move, both inside your home and outside. Yesterday, one of our Facebook friends posted a plea for mole removal techniques, so after a little research, we have a few options for you.
To help decide how to get rid of the burrowing creatures, you’ll want to determine the extend of your mole problem and which tunnels are active. There’s a simple test — find a mole tunnel and stomp down on top of it so that it partially caves in. If it’s an active passageway, the mole will have it repaired in a day or so.
Now that you have an idea of where your mole population is hanging out, it’s time to decide how to help usher the critters on their merry way. The next question? How nice do you want to be?

Mole Removal Techniques:
Flooding. This may be one of the more humane removal techniques, but the verdict is still out if this is a truly effective method. Once you’ve located an active mole tunnel, simply put a garden hose down into it and turn on the water. If the mole is in the tunnel, it will likely pop up on the other side to escape. From there, you can decide if you’ll catch it or simply let it run away.
Mole repellents. Human hair and fox urine are both said to be natural mole repellents. You can place these items down into the mole tunnel; once the mole comes into contact with them, it will likely migrate away from the property.
Traps. Two different traps are available: those that catch, and those that kill. You’ll want to decide what works best for you. If you opt to catch and release, make sure you travel a fair distance from your property before releasing the mole; this will help ensure it doesn’t make its way back to your home.
If all else fails, you can wait the little bugger out. Moles will not stay in one place for a terribly long time, and although they may make your yard unsightly, their constant burrowing helps to aerate your soil and they will not go after your plants. They also help keep the grub population to a minimum, so if these advantages outweigh the unattractive tunnels, you may decide to let them dig their fill and move on.
Have you had to remove ground moles from your property? Any tips or tricks we missed?
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