New Pool Gear from Ryobi Outdoor

Ryobi Outdoor recently introduced three new pool tools that are getting plenty of use this summer. A pool vacuum, bluetooth speaker and light, and air inflator. These three tools have pool maintenance and outdoor fun covered. Check out our video above that highlights all three.

Ryobi Pool Vacuum

The new Ryobi pool vacuum is designed to be used by hand or attached to a pool utility pole. There’s no cord or hose to get wrapped up. Just turn it on and start running the vacuum along the bottom of the pool. The large canister can hold plenty of leaves and dirt, and is easy to dump and clean. We found this great to use around the pool steps and ladder, which don’t get touched by our regular vacuum.

Ryobi Waterproof Speaker and Pool Light

Since we got this speaker/light, we haven’t turned it off! We love watching the pool light at night, and the bluetooth speaker is always easy to connect and ready to play our favorite Spotify playlist. The problem is our family has a really diverse taste in music. Outdoor bluetooth speakers are super popular right now, but we doubt any bring a disco ball party with them like the Ryobi.

Ryobi Air Inflator

We’ve got a ton of pool toys. Too many in fact, but they are just so fun. To keep our pool swan and mattress properly inflated, we’ve been using a hand pump or else our lungs will burst. But, with this new 18V air inflator from Ryobi, we can almost instantly keep our pool toys topped off with air. It comes with multiple nozzle sizes, and if you attach the nozzle to the opposite end you can use it to deflate a toy or mattress.

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