How To Use a Zero Turn Mower

The seated mowers you see at your home center with two handles facing each other are zero-turn lawn mowers. The popularity of zero-turn mowers continues to rise as homeowners become more educated to how they function and how to use them.
Typical riding mowers are driven just like a car. You’ll see the standard steering wheel, seat and peddles. Extra features on a riding mower can include an adjustable seat, arm rests, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, driving lights, cup holders, DC power and cup holders and onboard storage.
Zero-turn mowers have less accoutrements but they make up for it in overall performance. Features such as zero degree turn radius and top speeds up to 9mph make zero-turn mowers the leader when it comes to fast and efficient mowing.

Steering a Zero-Turn Mower
Most zero-turn mowers don’t have pedals and everything is controlled via the two control arms that wrap around each side of the mower and come up to the top.
Some advanced mowers such as the John Deere Z series have control arms that adjust to accommodate riders of all sizes. They can be pulled closer or further away from the driver for the most comfort. Seats can also be adjusted for height.
Once you are strapped in you grab each control arm and to move in straight line push both arms forward equally. Do this gradually as these mowers have some speed.
To move in reverse, pull both control arms towards you equally. This will engage both wheels at the same speed in reverse.
Steering a Zero-Turn Mower
Now the beauty in zero-turn mowers is that they can turn on a dime and there is no tree line or walkway too wavy to mow. By pulling back slightly on one control arm while the other control arm is still pushed forward will slow down the wheel on that side and cause the mower to turn as sharp or as little as you like. By pulling the arms in different directions you will turn on a zero degree and literally go in a circle around the inside tire.
The maneuverability of a zero-turn mower sets it apart from a riding mower or push behind and we think you should consider one when looking at riding mower options. If you’re local home center carries riding mowers they probably have a few zero-turn models available as most manufacturers are now producing both. Home Depot now carries models from John Deere, Toro and Cub Cadet.

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