Illuminate A Small Space With These Lighting Tips

If you’re DIYing on a budget, it’s all about making thoughtful decisions that will enhance a room without leaving you penniless. Making a few lighting changes, especially if you find yourself in a small space, can go a long way at maximizing the existing dimensions of the room — and, if you combine strategically placed lighting with mirrors or light-colored floors, you’ll actually enhance the feeling of the space, making it seem larger than it is.
Embarrassing confession: It took me awhile to get on the lighting train. I used to make do with existing overhead fixtures, but in the last couple of years, I’ve embraced lamps and other small lighting sources that give off a warmer, more relaxing glow.

Lighting Tips For Small Spaces
+ If you opt for wall sconces or another wall-mounted model, place the light high up on the wall so that it draws the eye upward and doesn’t cut your wall in half.
+ Recessed lighting is a great way to give off a more subdued, ambient glow, and also won’t take up much space on your ceiling.
+ If your space has any sort of recessed shelving or another built-in unit, feel free to put a small light source in that area. By illuminating the recessed shelves or display area, you’ll add depth to the room.
+ Mirrors are a great way to reflect existing light and give the illusion that the space is much larger than it is. Consider installing a couple of wall sconces near a mirror, or, if you prefer a hanging fixture, position a mirror so that it reflects the fixture’s light throughout the room.
+ While we certainly embrace the idea of using deep, vivid colors in small spaces, it’s also true that a light-colored floor will reflect a room’s light upward, making the room seem larger and more open. The color of the light itself will also have an impact. Choose a warmer, more yellow glow if you want to create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, while a blue-toned light exudes an airy ambiance.
Have you used lighting to enhance a small space within your home? Let us know if you have any additional tips or tricks!
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