Introducing Graham & Brown Paint

With wallpaper becoming all the rage in home decor circles, you can often find yourself stressing about details you may never have considered before. You may want to wallpaper a space with uneven walls. You may want to make a bold statement with some off-the-wall paper, but not know where the line between “unique” and “tacky” lies.
Or you may be pulling out your hair trying to match a paper to your current decor scheme … or try matching your decor scheme to a paper.
Well, wallpaper company Graham & Brown has decided to address the last issue head on — by offering their own line of designer paints, formulated to match not only their wallpaper collections, but much of their wall art as well.

Per their website, the British Colours palette is “inspired by the icons and culture that made Britain Great! From colorful characters through history to contemporary pop culture, we’ve drawn inspiration from all aspects of British life.” A quick perusal of their selection illustrates schemes that would fit nearly any aesthetic, yet that truly do give off a slightly cheeky across-the-pond vibe with names such as Double Decker Bus, Stiff Upper Lip, Yellow Submarine, and Princess To Be adorning the Union Jack labels.
The paint comes in 30 shades in a flat matte finish. The company also states that “[w]ith a water-based formulation that has a minimal level of VOC, the range has been developed with an environmentally responsible approach.” So not only are the colors created with coordination in mind, they’re also being considerate of another Queen Mum — Mother Earth.
With the cost running $35 a can, it’s comparable in price to some higher-end brands, although you have to consider shipping charges — to Ohio it’s listed at $12.75 for one can.
Do you think having pre-matched wallpaper and paint would make you more likely to purchase one or the other? What are your tips on incorporating both into a space? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments!
Photo courtesy of Graham & Brown

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