Tips For Painting Stained Wood Furniture

Reviving a piece of wood furniture with a new coat of paint is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to bring a fresh burst of DIY personality to any room. As with any home project, however, a little preparation can go a long way to ensure quality, long-lasting results.
Before you begin painting, lightly rub the piece of furniture with a wad of steel wool. You don’t have to completely remove the stain with the steel wool–instead, you want to create a roughed-up surface that will better absorb paint.

Next, coat the furniture with a shellac-based primer, which is specially formulated to cover or block wood stains and will prevent the stain from showing through your paint, especially if you’ve opted for a light color. Allow the primer to thoroughly dry, and proceed with painting!
Photo courtesy of Flickr user
kelly cree

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