June Is Best Month To Buy Tools

For the home improvement amateurs and experts, tools are a necessary part of the job. And with new models coming out in a nearly constant rotation, the temptation to add to a tool collection is ever-present.
Thanks to the brilliant minds at
Lifehacker, you now have a bonafide excuse to indulge your tool-buying whims. Their breakdown of the best things to buy in June includes tools, a trend that can be traced to Father’s Day. Because so many people opt to buy their fathers (or father figures) tools, many retailers use the month of June to offer tool discounts and specials.

If you’re curious about what else to buy in June, Lifehacker recommends gym memberships, dishware, televisions, winter apparel and discounted sports gear. But take it from us — tools are definitely the best choice. Now get shopping!
Photo illustration courtesy of Lifehacker.com.

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