Milwaukee Hackzall M12 Review – Mini Recip Saw


Milwaukee tends to breed a certain type of brand loyalty as their inked fans have proven. The Milwaukee Hackzall M12 follows in the grand tradition of Milwaukee tools but at a smaller size. This review of the Hackzall M12 will go over functionality, comfort and uses.

Hits: compact size, cutting, balance, comfort, one-hand and overhead operation

Misses: blade length (but changeable)

Uses: contractor grade but small size lends to around the house tasks for cutting metal or wood.

The Hackzall M12 is part of a relatively new genre of power tools called, mini-reciprocating saws. This mini-recip has great takes it’s DNA from the legendary Milwaukee Sawzall which has become a ubiquitous tool and brand name. Milwaukee is hoping to do the same with Hackzall and we feel they are on track with this tool.



When opening the sharp looking red case it almost feels like Christmas and once you get the Hackzall in your hand it feels just right. We like the grip and the trigger pull is smooth. Battery indicator light is a nice addition and the tool feels very sturdy as you would expect for a contractor grade power tool no matter how large.

The unique position of the motor looks a bit unwieldy but we’re certain that Milwaukee engineers really took some time to create this design as it’s well balanced and the Hackzall has a very unique feel to it when in use.

The Hackzall comes with two blades, wood and metal and a compact battery and charger. The blade speed is more than sufficient and removing and replacing blades is extremely easy.

Not any misses to speak of but we could have used a bit longer blade when cutting larger diameter pipes but then a longer blade would probably compromise the strength of this Hackzall. We could see adding the M18 version of this tool for bigger jobs even though the M12 does accept longer blade lengths.

Final Word
We recommend the Milwaukee Hackzall M12 for almost everyone. It’s small enough to fit in your truck or stored in a closet and the uses are endless. It’s also light enough that man, woman or child could use it without issue.

We’re betting these will fly off the shelves this Christmas season and you can grab it from Northern Tool for $139 and that includes free shipping.

Here’s a video showing more features of the Milwaukee Hackzall M12

More photos of the Milwaukee Hackzall M12

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