Jurassic Bark: Dinosaur Robot Home Security (For Real)

We stumbled upon this little interesting little tidbit stemming from this year’s CES and thought we’d share with you: how’d you like a pet robot dinosaur as your home security?
Back in 2002, Japanese robotics company TMSUK developed the “Banryu” (or “Guard Dragon”) line of robots intended for home use. The prehistoric crime predators were designed to patrol homes and photograph would-be intruders using a camera installed in their snouts, and some were designed to even detect carbon monoxide in your home! The robots supposedly automatically patrolled buildings, and, in an emergency, could be remote-controlled to fire fight in an early stage.

Available in two styles (triceratops and stegasuarus), and could go up to 15 meters a minute to chase down intruders in your abode. It should also be noted that they were designed to be controlled with a mobile device — including a mobile phone. Do you remember what cell phones were like in 2002? We do, and the fact that they could control anything more than calls or maybe a text is mostly mindblowing.
At the staggering price of $18,000 US, obviously these items were not the utmost in affordable home security technology. Some models were available for rent as well, but unfortunately the Banryus didn’t catch on as the next best thing since guard dogs. It bears stating that in 2002, home-robotics were just beginning to become possible, and perhaps the “trend” of robotic pets with purposes were a wee bit overestimated at the time.
Still, can you imagine? A pet dinosaur robot home defender — without all the mess of an actual pet? Only in yesterday’s future.
Photo: http://www.plasticpals.com/?p=26408

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