Let The Dishes Wash Themselves With An In-Sink Dishwasher

Here at Charles & Hudson, we’re always looking out for the best ways to maximize the space you have in creative and inventive ways. So imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this little marvel — it’s a dishwasher that fits in your sink!
Courtesy of Dornob, we saw this little KitchenAid wunderkind and stopped dead in our tracks.

It’s a stainless steel double sink basin, execpt the right side is actually a fully-functioning dishwasher that hooks up right into your existing plumbing and can hold up to five place settings in one load. The lid also doubles as a draining board and a custom-fitting cutting board is included for use over the dishwasher part, helping you to maximize your usable space even more.
Unfortunately, KitchenAid has discontinued this line, and we’ve had a hard time locating anywhere you can still purchase it (which, believe us and our dishwasher-less life, made us very sad). One location revealed its market price as about $1800, so it’s not the most budget-friendly item out there.
Still! We’d love to dream of more innovation in this thread, and would be super excited to find something similar out there again (or maybe even this at an outlet or discount shop).
Let us know how you solve small-space issues in the kitchen in the comments below!
Photo courtesy of Dornob.com

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