Litehouse Living Brings Green Living Downtown

This past weekend my husband and I were able to participate in Dayton’s Urban Nights community event, during which many downtown shops, restaurants, arts programs, and residential communities open up late, encouraging the public to traverse our small city and see everything that downtown has to offer.

While exploring beyond our own neighborhood, we came across a new townhouse development that’s sprung up on the river near the minor league baseball park.

While the vibrant colors of the exteriors definitely were the initial source that drew our interest, we quickly discovered that the development by Litehouse Living is a completely green venture hoping to bring eco-friendly living to a rejuvenated industrial setting.

According to the information available on site, Litehouse Living devotes its efforts to creating a responsible approach to home building by delivering an affordable, energy-efficient, and sustainable home concept to the urban market. By creating “stack” homes that not only best utilize every square inch of livable space, they also employ nearly every green product you can name in their design and execution.

The four properties you see in the photo above are already owned and occupied, and two more plots have also been purchased — and the presenters were quick to share with me that if a potential buyer financed through their partner bank, they would be eligible for a 1-1.5% lower interest rate on their loan than the current rate, to truly help people get into greener, smarter homes. In an area like Dayton (where the builder is strict on leverage with existing communities instead of blank-slate developments) that’s a pretty hard deal to beat.

While perusing their website we found that not only is Litehouse working on greenifying the downtown living experience, they’re also working with one of the larger area universities to create green dorms for students to live and learn in. They appear very committed to our area, and that’s pretty commendable from my point of view.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the interior plans for the condos or to learn more about Litehouse Living and their mission, check out their webpage here. Kudos to them for merging urban and green living while working on making such housing affordable for all.

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