Affordable Home Security Camera System from Logitech

Home security camera systems don’t have to be outside your budget. For $300 you can pick up this system from Logitech that is easy to setup and provides many of the features you’d find on a security system many times it’s cost.
The Logitech Alert security system comes with one indoor camera and the software to set it up on your home computer. Mac users beware as you’ll need a PC to do the initial install but after that you can manage and view the system over any platform.
The camera is small an non-obtrusive. Which is good as you don’t want a unit that draws attention to itself. It can sit in its included cradle on any shelf or flat surface and it can also be mounted to a window or from the ceiling or wall.

The resolution is clear 960×720 so there are no issues with a grainy picture. Once setup you can view it from any internet connected browser as well as any smart phone after downloading the free app.
You will need a high-speed internet connection to use the camera and we also ran into a bit of an issue with setup as the unit must be plugged directly into a wall near your router and not into a power strip.
These types of small home security systems are great for not only keeping an eye on your property but also spying on the cats, dogs and kids. You could also set it up to check out the nature in your backyard such as birds or deer. Really any situation that you need to monitor remotely this type of camera will work well for.

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