MACE Pepper Spray Gun Test

We ordered our MACE pepper spray gun last month and finally got around to testing it. Included in the package is the gun, one canister of pepper spray, and one canister of water loaded for testing.
The gun feels great in the hand and the only levers are to unlock the barrel so you can load an unload the cartridges and a safety at the rear of the barrel. The LED light is only visible at night and instead of a laser sight it’s more of a 10 inch radius area that is illuminated which is similar to the spread of the pepper spray.

We tested out the water cartridge and got about 6-7 good sprays with it. It projects far enough away from you that you shouldn’t worry much about back splash and the coverage is great. We tested the water cartridge while shooting a bird house in the back yard (it was empty of course) and it fully drenched the bird house and covered the immediate wall behind it from a distance of about 6 feet.
You should change the pepper spray cartridge after each use and they also recommend changing the LED battery often.
We highly recommend this MACE pepper spray gun as an effective form of personal protection that can be used in the home, car or on your person.

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