Make A Findable Mini Time Capsule

While perusing our new favorite obsession, Pinterest, we’ve come across some pretty awesome ideas to get the most bang for your DIY buck. One of the most genius is a findable time capsule — inside of a lightswitch cover.
The idea is to leave your story for the next occupants in a place they might actually find it, instead of buried underground to possibly decompose and never reveal the sheer awesomeness that was you, the original occupant.

Found on, there’s a full tutorial complete with template to create your own time capsule, but we’re pretty sure you could whip this up easily in an afternoon.
We love the idea of leaving the story of your home, your projects, and yourselves in a place people can find it without much digging. If you’re like us and live in an older home, you probably find yourselves wondering about the past life of your home and it’s occupants fairly often — this would be a great way to fill some gaps in for the next people to sleep under the same roof you once did.
For sure, this is on our rainy day project list. Do you have any time capsule tips or discoveries you’d like to share? Spill the beans below!

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