Make These Two Small Changes And Save Big On Energy

Colder months typically bring increased concerns about energy costs, which can vary widely depending on your heating source. The good news? There are two small things you can do to help prevent energy leaks, meaning you’ll rack up noticeable savings on your energy bills.
The first? Install thermal shades. These are a great tool, especially if you can’t afford to replace your home’s existing insulation. Plus, thermal shades are helpful year-round. They block the sun in the summer, keeping your home cool, while also retaining heat in the winter so that you can keep your home comfy and cozy without spending a ton of money.
Thermal shades vary in price and can be found at many sources, including JC Penney. You’ll be able to find thermal shades that suit your window type and home decor. Yep, that’s right — thermal shades are functional and they look nice, too. Think of it as an energy-saving win-win!

Ready for the second tip? Install a draft guard along your home’s exterior doors. You can opt for several types of draft guards, including neutral-colored guards that slip underneath your door and remain in place as the door opens and closes. Or, if you’re feeling crafty (or know someone else who is), you can make a door draft guard by sewing a tube of fabric and filling it with beans. Of course, you’ll have to rearrange the guard every time the door is open, but this is an inexpensive alternative. Plus, these remind me of my grandma’s house, and that makes me happy.
A store-bought draft guard will set you back about $10-$12 for two, so you should be able to outfit your home’s doors for less than the price of two evening movie tickets. And by using draft guards and thermal shades, you’ll keep your home warm and toasty while preventing unnecessary air leaks through some of your home’s most leak-prone areas.
If you have any other energy-saving tips, we’d love to hear them. Now’s the time to think about keeping your home warm and your energy bills as low as possible.
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