Make Your Own Antiqued Mirror

As you probably already know, we have an unbridled love affair here at Charles & Hudson with spray paint. So imagine our glee when we found this project at, in which Elizabeth DIYed a vintage, leaded-glass window pane into a beautiful antiqued mirror with SPRAY PAINT!
Elizabeth writes that she came by the window pane by way of her parents, and after the great find took a nose dive off of her family mantle, she wanted to find a way to salvage it.
Enter her secret weapon: Krylon Looking Glass spray paint!

In her post, Elizabeth details how she achieved the look of this magnificent mirror, but we snagged a few tips from her and the product page at Krylon.
First, make sure the surface of the mirror-to-be is clean and dry — however, basic window cleaner or dishwashing liquid should suffice.
Second, to achieve Elizabeth’s irregular, antiqued effect, spritz the glass with a light spray of water, then spray on the first and second coats of paint. Spritz again before applying the third and fourth, and then the fifth and sixth coats of paint. This lends a mottled look to the silvered surface.
Third, be warned that the mirror will not be opaque when you’re finished, so don’t expect to create your own Venetian mirror with this paint. It will actually still appear very translucent. However, when placed directly against something such as a wall, the translucency will decrease, creating more of that antiqued effect.
We think this project did far more than save an old window — it completely transformed it into quite the statement piece!
Have you ever tried using mirror spray paint? Share your project and ideas with us in the comments below!

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