Matching Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets from Viola Park

We’ve got news from Viola Park which is now offering countertop packages designed to work in tandem with its base units, that they hope helps simplify the process of buying a kitchen.
This eliminates the need for templating or waiting for a third party to manufacture countertops after the rest of the system has been installed. By ordering countertops and cabinets together, remodelers gain the benefits of a more refined design, streamlined project management and installation, and in some cases, lower costs.

They are also offering flat front wood cabinets whereas previously they were only offering wood cabinets in a frame and panel style. This style is most suitable for modern kitchen cabinet designs.
If you’re seeking a complete package in kitchen design check out Viola Park from Henrybuilt.

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  • Kaitlin Mallouk

    Sounds like this could be useful in the science world as well!

  • thisdmnhouse

    Just retweeted. This looks like a cool toy, er, tool! 🙂

  • beth

    i can see it now…with a tool like this around and a blackberry- i’ll never be able to have a conversation with my husband!

  • Gordon

    Could this also be used in the kitchen (e.g., check griddle temperature)? Then I could get my wife one as a birthday “gift”.

  • jennipearl

    oh what a great giveaway! sign me up!!

  • Sounds like fun.

  • Lana Trietsch

    Looks interesting and fun.

  • steveelroy


  • Cool tool! I’d love to have one of these as our house seems a bit drafty sometimes

  • I just saw a demonstration of IR thermometers at an NAHB training session. They’re great tools that every builder/remodeler or energy-efficiency DIYer should have in their tool belt (if they can’t shell out several grand for an IR camera).

    P.S. Just make sure you read the instructions—distance from a surface affects how big an area you’re measuring.

  • Chris

    Cool tool – I’m tempted! Thanks! I also retweeted.

  • Joanne

    I can check out where the air leaks are in the house! Kitchen too – cool!

  • Perfect time of the year to give one away.

  • This product would be so helpful in finding drafts in your home, I hope I win!!

  • Rich

    I don’t need yet another type of battery charger in my shop, but could *really* use this thermometer.

  • Harry

    Didn’t know such a thing existed; sure looks to be handy.

  • davidkirk

    This is good when cooking too.

  • jeanster1212

    wow, this is so useful for a bunch of jobs…

  • sfyates

    I would like to win a prize. This is an infared thermometer.

  • Such packages can be great, you can have matching cabinets and countertop this way, color combination is a hectic task and requires a lot of time.