Must-Have Tools For Home Repair Success

A DIYer without tools is like an artist without a paintbrush; a writer without a pencil; a blogger without a computer — well, you get my drift. The importance of tools to home improvement projects is undeniable, but the bigger question is: what are the must-have tools for home repair?
When building a tool collection (or swapping out older, less functional models for their newer counterparts), it’s best to cover the basics. And that’s exactly what Bob Tedeschi, writer for The New York Times, did with the help of a panel that included builders, engineers and contractors.

Tedeschi writes that $250 will get you the “dozen tools” you need to tackle most projects. His recommendations include a hickory or ash-handled hammer, which he writes is better at absorbing shock than steel-handled varieties.
Also on his list?
+ A multihead screwdriver
+ A cordless hammer drill
+ A 25-foot-long tape measure
+ Standard, needle-nose, mole grip and 12-inch slip joint pliers
+ Electric stud finder
+ Socket wrenches
+ Toolbox-sized handsaw
+ Jigsaw
Do you own most or all of the tools on this list, or do you recommend others for a must-have tool collection?
Photo courtesy of Home Depot

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