MyDoor from Clopay Makes Buying a Garage Door Much Easier


Shiny apps for consumers get a lot of press, but how much do they really move the needle and make your life easier? At this year’s Builders Show we got a peek at MyDoor from Clopay. It’s a web-based application, designed for a tablet, which allows a Clopay sales person to walk you through the design and budget of your garage door, at your home.

MyDoor asks customers a series of questions and then sorts through thousands of Clopay door configurations to present the top three product recommendations based on their responses. The dealer uploads a photo of the home onto the tablet so customers can see how each door looks on the house, compare pricing and modify options as needed. Once they reach a final decision, the dealer can save the quote, obtain a signature and place the order directly from the tablet.


“MyDoor changes the dynamic of the sales call,” said Pat Lohse, vice president of marketing. “Clopay’s guided selling system requires dealers to take the time to educate homeowners, understand their needs and present them with more than one option. Dealers using the tool say it has favorably impacted their close rate, productivity and profit.”

The Clopay program also gives dealers the ability to schedule site visits, organize and assign leads, track follow-ups, provide instant quotes based on price lists, submit orders from the field, and track business performance.


This all leads back to a better and more informed experience for the customer. Garage doors can be a hefty investment, and any tool that allows you to better know what exactly you are getting, is a plus in our book. Visit for more details.


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