Try Contact Paper For An Insta-Fix

When we were moving into our house, we very quickly realized that the lack of closet space was greatly slowing down our unpacking. There was one great closet in the smallest bedroom with a very sturdy wooden hang bar and shelf — but there was just one tiny problem.
Both the shelf and the hang bar were in less than ideal shape. The shelf was actually a laminate-composite from some sort of shelving unit, and the broom-stick hang bar was permanently sunk into the closet walls. Both surfaces were fairly much unpaintable unless we were willing to tear the freshly-painted closet apart.
Left with clothes strewn about on every hanging surface in our home and our patience and sanity dramatically waning, we had to figure something out fast. Then a light bulb went off — contact paper.

A late-night trip to our local 24-hour mega-grocery store wielded two rolls — one white, and one stainless steel. With a pair of scissors, a straight edge, and some creativity, the shelf was wrapped up like a present and the hang bar was carefully encased, all grossness quickly and simply remedied. It may not have been the most ideal option, but it certainly saved us time and brain cells to execute.
Three years later, both papers are still going strong, and you can barely tell the difference between the painted surfaces and the papered ones. We love the ease and effect so much that we have some future plans with some toile paper we saw online and an old bookcase.
What are your experiences with contact paper? Any great unconventional uses or tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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