Now is the Time for a Bidet

bio bidet

A bidet is the household appliance you won’t believe you ever lived without.

Who knew that when a pandemic would strike that the first thing to fly off the shelves would be toilet paper? Food, water, and hand sanitizer seem secondary to TP. A clean rear end is important, but toilet paper is not the only solution.

If every household had a bidet we definitely would not be in this toilet paper shortage mess. But fear not, Bio Bidet has got you covered. 

From the $700 Bliss Bidet to the $130 Slim Zero, they’ve got a bidet for all budgets.

To be honest, like most Americans I don’t use a bidet. I wasn’t raised with one in the house, and it wasn’t until a trip to Japan a few years ago that I ever experienced one. Now I can’t wait to get one.

Once you’ve felt the joy of a heated seat, warm water, and night glow, no other toilet will suffice.

Bio Bidet has complete toilets but their DIY toilet seat bidets are the most affordable and they’re easy to install, even with limited plumbing experience.

Treat yourself to a bidet today and stick it to those hoarders.

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