Our Favorites From DeWALT’s New Product Launch

Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to Baltimore for DeWALT’s new product launch. I had a basic familiarity of the brand, but it was fascinating to dive more into the company’s history, methodology and what they’re doing to produce functional, innovative tools that help people work better and faster. Plus, I got to indulge my inner DIY freak in the company’s testing area (mitre saw, anyone?)
We saw lots of great new products during the two-day event, so I thought I’d pick out a few of my favorites. I’d say the biggest news from DeWALT is the launch of their new 20 volt MAX cordless line, which will be available later this summer. The new line was created from several trends, including a continued growth in the 10.8 and 12 volt categories, as well as the ongoing evolution of lithium ion technology.
DeWALT has made a sizable commitment to investing in the company’s cordless line and, over the last three years, has doubled their engineering resources for cordless development.
Benefits of the 20 volt MAX line include unprecedented performance, ergonomic design and innovative features, according to a DeWALT presentation.
Katy drills Dewalt 20v Drill
My personal favorite? The 20 volt MAX lithium ion compact drill/driver, which has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Features include an ergonomic handle, LED work light, compact size, high-speed transmission and a 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck. I love the compact size, but also think the line’s impact driver is a must-have for your collection.

Another big announcement? DeWALT is introducing a new line of 130 hand tools, including the basics like hammers, tape measures and screw drivers, as well as niche products like chalk rules and side-strike chisels. The line also includes automotive tools like folding locking hex keys, a 31-piece ratcheting T-handle set and heavy-duty adjustable wrenches.
I have a couple favorites in the hand tool category, including the Mig Weld 15-ounce framing hammer. It’s a powerful tool that swings like a 28-ounce model, yet weighs much less, thereby reducing user fatigue and encouraging consistent results. The hammer features an all-steel design that makes it incredibly durable, as well as a magnetic nail starter and patented vibration absorption. DeWALT also offers a 17-ounce hickory handled version for those who prefer wooden models.
One of the products that got a big reaction also made my favorites list. DeWALT has introduced tool storage, the Tough System, that’s downright ingenious. It’s a customizable storage system that includes your choice of three roomy, durable units that can be mixed and matched depending on your individual tool storage needs. The units lock on the system’s dolly, which features brackets that help lock the containers in place. The storage system is easily maneuverable to and from a job site, a car or anywhere else you need to transport your tools, and the secure system keeps everything in place even when you’re in transit.
Now that I’ve shared my favorite picks, I’d love to hear your feedback! Did you see anything you liked on the list? And will you be adding any of DeWALT’s hand tools to your collection?

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