Out Of The Box Kitchen Design

When designing a kitchen, it’s so important to think out of the box. Literally, your cabinetry arrives in a box. The cabinetry body is of boxes and doors but what can you do with that?
A kitchen designer can help you create unique looks by mixing and matching cabinetry styles, tones and elements.
In this beautiful “Medallion” kitchen, the larger cooking island is broken up by a smaller butter cream yellow cabinet. I love the way it creates a more casual feel and brings in a warm tone while acting as a dual function.

The counter top on the smaller island is a butcher block perfect for serving off of, or creating another prep area. The glass inserts lightens up the heavy feel of the larger island and the wood hood by drawing your eye down.
Over to the right, in the photograph, is a whimsically designed armoire that could easily be used as a food pantry, or a kitchen linen and serving pieces storage, or a TV hide away with pocket doors.
The unexpected pop of vineyard red creates a vertical lift in the kitchen. The design incorporates and embraces different heights of the cabinetry, which in this case, keeps the room balanced in scale and has a casual, welcome appeal to the room.
The size of the kitchen space isn’t humongous but with careful designing and out of the box thinking, the cabinetry function turns more furniture like creating such a unique space.
Who wouldn’t want this kitchen to create their family recipes in?
photo: Medallion Cabinetry

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