Protect Your Nest With A Camera … For Nests

A little known secret in the home security world is that the appearance of security is about 90% of the actual benefit of having a home security system. Meaning, if it looks like you have a system, potential intruders will typically err on the side of caution rather than test their luck (unless you have something they really want, but that’s another topic). So we especially love when there are products that create the appearance of security (thereby creating a certain level of security) that actually have a purpose beyond that appearance.
For our UK readers, Urban Outfitters is offering this security camera birdhouse by Donkey Products. Constructed to look like a standard security camera, this birdhouse is wall mountable and made to appear as if Big Brother is always watching — that is, when a swallow or finch isn’t nesting in it.

For £70, the price may be a bit steep for the novelty, but we’re pretty confident that our readers from any country could construct a similar model with some MDF and spray paint for a fraction of the price.
We think this, or a similarily constructed, item would be perfect for people who are looking for the perception of a little more security in awkward area such as alleyways, pass-throughs, or perhaps between a fenceline and a house without having a completely useless “dummy” object taking up visual space on their exteriors. Of course, if you would like to actually have closed-circuit video running, this might not be the best item for you.
What do you think of faux security products? Let us know your opinion!
Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters UK

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