QuikLid Bucket Scoop

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The new Quiklid bucket scoop is on it’s way to becoming a ubiquitous add-on for anyone who owns a 5-gallon bucket. It’s that useful!

We love simple products that provide a ton of value and the Quiklid certainly fits the bill. For less than $6, you’ve got a tool that transforms your everyday utility bucket into an oversized dustpan or water scoop.

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Easy to Use

The Quiklid is nothing more than a gray piece of heavy-duty recycled plastic that simply snaps onto a 5-gallon utility bucket.

To remove it, simply pull it right off. It retains its shape well and we haven’t noticed any bends or cracks.

We love the simplicity of the Quiklid and it’s durable enough to toss in the back of your truck or store anywhere in your garage.

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The best part about the Quiklid is the no-hands operation. Most dustpans require someone else to hold it or you have to awkwardly bend over to hold the dustpan with one hand and use the other to sweep.


;With the Quiklid you can lay the bucket flat and it won’t roll away and you can sweep everything right into the bucket. Use your foot to hold the end of the bucket to sweep away larger items.

Water Scoop

We’ve all used buckets for scooping dirty water, but they are extremely ineffective due to the rounded shape.

The Quiklid solves this, which makes it extremely useful for quickly clearing flooded rooms or outdoor areas.

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The Quiklid is available for $5.98 at Lowe’s, and is Made in the USA!

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