Recipe to Preserve Your Christmas Tree

christmas tree preservative

We enjoy the experience of picking out a real Christmas tree, either from the sidewalks of New York or the lots here in LA. We also check out the “cut your own” tree farms but here in LA the best options are typically the imported trees such as the Nobles or Fraser Firs. The Cypress and Pines just don’t work for us and the smell isn’t what we are looking for.

The problem with a real tree is keeping it moist and that can be tough in dry indoor air that saps the moisture from the tree and needles.

Instead of simply adding water to your tree we suggest the following mix that includes corn syrup and a bit of chlorine bleach. This will make the water acidic (as opposed to alkaline) which is easier for the tree to take in and also prevents mold, mildew and other fungi to grow in the water.

Follow this recipe and if you don’t have corn syrup you can substitute sugar.

  1. 1 quart warm water
  2. 1/2 cup light corn syrup
  3. 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach

Do you have any tips preserving your Christmas tree?

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