Reduce VOCs In Your Home

When you hear the term VOC, you probably think of paint, right? Us, too. But the truth is that volatile organic compounds can be found in other substances besides paint. And you want to minimize them because they release gases into the air, which then contribute to air pollution. Yuck.
Thanks to the brilliant bloggers at Real Simple, we have some handy tips on how to reduce VOCs throughout your home. Aside from paint, the most likely place you’ll find VOCs is in your cleaners. That being said, don’t mix cleaning solutions unless you have specific directions that the solutions are compatible, according to the EPA.
And make sure that your cleaning products are stored in the appropriate containers and are properly disposed of when no longer needed.

Other solutions to consider when reducing VOCs? Wood stains, lacquers, aerosol sprays and bug repellents, according to Real Simple. Use them carefully, either outdoors or in well-ventilated areas, and make sure they’re properly stored and disposed of.
Thanks again, Real Simple. We can all breathe a little easier now!

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