RetraxPRO XR Truck Bed Cover Review

Truck bed covers add a ton of functionality to pickup trucks. They provide security for your belongings and protect your gear and tools from inclement weather. I recently purchased a 2021 Ram 2500 and knew that a bed cover was among my first modifications.

retraxpro xr

RetraxPRO XR Truck Bed Cover

I knew I wanted a cover but was surprised by the many options available. Ultimately, I landed on the RetraxPRO XR truck bed cover system and am very pleased. 

This bed cover addresses everything I was looking for and maximizes the cargo capacity for the truck. Installation took about an hour and is much easier with two people. 

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If you are looking for a high-quality cover that can do everything and last the life of the truck, then RetraxPRO XR should merit serious consideration. 

Retrax offers a variety of cover options depending on needs and budget.  The PRO series, as tested has aluminum slats and the ONE series is polycarbonate while the XR series has the Trax Rail System but the MX series does not.  Both models are available with a power option, so opening and closing the cover is a button touch away using a key fob, which is very convenient.

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Bed Cover Construction 

The RetraxPRO is heavy-duty.  The slats are made of thick aluminum while the rollers have sealed ball-bearings that glide along the tracks. 

I really liked the simplicity of the design; there are no jam points, springs, or moving mechanisms to jam or fail.  The finish is black matte and scratch-resistant, and the cover has the ability to support up to 500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.

Bed Cover Security

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The bed cover has a lock (with key or latch) to secure cargo in the bed but can also be stopped in any position over the bed. The lack and latch sit flush with the cover, providing a nice streamlined look.

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Trax Rail System

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This particular feature is what drew me to the Retrax XR series and separates it from the competition.  It is an integrated rail system that works with T-slot accessories from most of the big rack companies. 

Set up the crossbars of your choosing and then utilize the space above the bed to carry bikes, kayaks, baskets, or whatever.  Unlocking this space above the bed to carry larger items like kayaks and bikes while using the bed to secure other camping cargo was a major plus for my needs.  

Low Profile

IMG 8049

The bed cover sits darn near flush to the truck bed, the rails come up slightly (maybe ½”) to accommodate the Trax Rail System.  The seals around the edges are good and do keep the bed dry in wet conditions.

IMG 8052

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy with this bed cover and although you lose a bit of cargo space in the bed of the truck where the cover rolls into the container, it’s still nice and streamlined. Plenty of space also exists for smaller items to be stored underneath the cover canister.

IMG 8042

I noticed the aluminum rails and slats get very hot in direct summer light, but the durability of going with aluminum was a huge bonus for me. Just watch your hands!

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