Ryobi TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope Review

The RYOBI TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope is the latest entry in a “getting crowded” inspection scope/camera category. Inspection cameras and scopes were once the domain of trade professionals and the cost vs. use was prohibitive to most homeowners. Not anymore. Keep reading for our complete review of the RYOBI TEK4 Digital Inspection Scope.
Hits: Sturdy design, Ease of use, Water resistance
Misses: Remote screen capabilities and image storage
Uses: Peeking behind walls, into pipes, under floors
This inspection scope is extremely easy to use and powers up nicely using the TEK4 4V lithium-ion battery. The digital zoom is 2X magnification which is ok but we wish it was amped up just a bit more.

The screen is nice and bright and works well in low-light conditions, but its kinda tricky getting the camera angle right and it can be a bit confusing as to which way is up. But fortunately there is a button that will rotate the image 180 degrees so you can view from the right perspective. It would be handy to have a removable screen so someone could view remotely similar to what the DeWALT inspection camera does but at a higher price.
It would also be extremely handy to be able to take photos but then again the price point would be higher and we’d be in camera territory. The RYOBI doesn’t skimp on anything else and the 5 hours of continuous runtime is generous and the battery indicator is a nice feature.
The scope itself is 3 feet long and feels strong but is easy to flex. It holds its form and since the camera is waterproof you can submerse it in pipes with standing water. The light at the end of the camera is the wow feature that we really love.
If you don’t need to take photos we recommend this unit for any of your inspection needs as it will serve you well and we trust become a regular part of your tool arsenal that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without.
Available for $139 from Home Depot.
More features from RYOBI
+ Digital zoom feature provides up to 2x magnification
+ 4 stage ultra-bright LED light for complete image brightness control
+ On-screen image rotates 180 degrees to adjust to operator’s perspective
+ Bright, 2.7″ high resolution color LCD Screen for crisp, clear images
+ Durable 3′ flexible, water resistant camera cable for viewing in confined areas
+ On-screen battery voltage indicator alerts you when its time to recharge

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